Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Android App

create your first Android app east steps

Android market is growing more and more popular day-by-day. At present, the market is flooding with millions of Android apps and games. There are...
iOS games

Top 10 best free iOS games in 2016 – Part 1

Looking for the best iOS games 2016 all over the Web, but still not able to find out suitable one’s, among the freemium or the...

Google Project Abacus brings password-free logins by end of 2016

Android users may soon have the capacity to let go off some of their passwords for good….as dubbed Trust API or Google Project Abacus,...

How to encrypt your iOS or Android device

The Apple, FBI clash has brought a revived focus on the significance of encryption. Notwithstanding what your conclusion working on this issue might be, there’s...
IOS to Android

Complete guide on how to switch from iOS to Android

So ultimately you have decided to make the move to the greener grass the other side. The trip across the iOS to Android bridge...