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How to back up your files on Mac using Time Machine

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How to backup from Mac using Time Machine
How to backup from Mac using Time Machine

When it comes to the system maintenance or making some room for new data on your Mac, backing up is the most important and crucial thing you ought to do. Though a number of tailor-made software are available for the purpose, Time Machine can be a great option to choose.

To brief you up, Time Machine is an immensely popular backup software utility designed to work with the Time Capsule facility as well as with internal and external hard disk drives. The application comes bundled with Mac OS X and requires no additional installation or set up.

So, if you are looking for some great backup software to preserve all your files onto an external hard drive all in order to restore them later, then you can go for the trustworthy Time Machine software.

To back up your data on Mac, you first need to enable Time Machine and set up the external hard drive. You can use any of the following devices as the backup storage destination:

  • External hard drive connected to a FireWire, USB or Thunderbolt port on your Mac
  • OS X or Time Capsule on your network
  • External hard drive

Once your external hard drive is connected to your Mac, just follow these steps to enable Time Machine on your Mac:

  • Open up System Preferences and click on the Time Machine option
  • After clicking, you will encounter a large On/Off toggle; turn it ON
  • Now plug your external hard drive to your Mac and click Select Disk from the Time Machinewindow
  • Select your connected device and start backing up your important data

Moreover, you can choose Options to exclude certain folders from the backup. You can also customize settings on your MacBook to back up data even when your system is running on battery power. There are also some other settings available in the Options,which serve to notify you when the software is about to delete your old backups.

So, make sure to set up the Time Machine and back up everything before a catastrophic data failure hits your system.

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