In today’s world, faith is a great thing to have. And what better way to share your faith with others, than wearing a Christian-themed t-shirt? There are a variety of Christian t-shirts to choose from that are available on the market today. For example, there is a particular Christian themed t-shirt that has a pictograph of a heart on it and says, “[Heart] thy neighbor.” Isn’t that cute? There are some others that share sayings and verses from the Bible. Just taking a look at some of the clever Christian t-shirts that are available makes you want to order some-so be careful while perusing the selections. Many of the Christian t-shirts are very nice looking and reasonably priced.

There is a variety of Christian t-shirts that have pretty, bright colors with your choice of verses and sayings on them. There are different styles that fit the whole family. There are shirts for moms, dads, youths, and teens, so all of your family can wear a stylish and affordable Christian t-shirt. Christian t-shirts are a great way to get the message out that your family is Christian and you believe in the Lord.

It would be a nice thing to wear out to the store or maybe to a family event like birthday parties. They’re great to be worn on holiday-or any other day of the year. It’s nice to see t-shirts that say nice things for a change and have upbeat sayings on them, rather than those other shirts where you have to cover your kids’ eyes. Christian t-shirts are a great alternative to the offensive t-shirts that are so common in today.

Christian t-shirts are a great thing to buy your family and friends for a birthday present or any another special occasion. If you’re anything like me, you think it’s great that someone came up with Christian t-shirts that the whole family can get involved and wear. The whole family, even dad, could wear a Christian t-shirt to the park to play with the kids and others might even notice-and actually listen-to some of the verses and sayings on the shirts. With the world the way it is today, there certainly needs to be more positive influences out there and that includes the pictures and sayings on clothes. Buy one for your teenager and younger kids or for a relative for any special occasion. Let them show their friends that they are Christian and are proud to wear their Christian t-shirts.

Christian Tshirts [] come in a huge variety from many online retailers. is run by Steve’s 10 year old daughter, Meghan.
second Post about Chrstian Tshirts

You see them every where. tshirts. A tshirt with a Christian theme is a great tool and all around great gift for today’s youth ministry. The thing that most youth ministers want and need for their ministries are relevant Christian themes.

The strength of a great Christian tshirt design is relevancy. In today’s youth culture the tshirt is a staple. Go into any high school in America and you will see that 80% of all students are wearing a tshirt type garment. Providing a relevant design on a tshirt separates one that will be worn over and over again and one that stays in the drawer. The strength of the fashionable tshirt is a statement of confidence. Not many young people desire the “Got Jesus” type of shirt design. The swing toward contemporary tshirt wearers is that of a shirt that has a relevant message on a quality garment.

The demand for such designs are great. Slowly we see the “rip off” commercialism Christian tshirts slip off into the distance as new and fresh designers step up to meet the demand of teen buyers across America. Christian screen printers should refuse to print “rip off” commercials simply because Christians should be original in their designs.

Youth groups all over America are finding quality designers and screen printers to carry their message. Just because there are 200 tshirts that all have the same thing printed on them, they shouldn’t look like a family reunion hoe down. Fashionable tshirts are here to stay. Youth groups deserve a tshirt that they can be proud to wear.

Wayne Gooden has been a senior pastor and youth professional since 1975. He currently owns a promotional screen printing company which primarily focuses on Christian youth ministries.


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