Apple is currently working on a new device which sports a model name ‘N84’ under a project which is currently codenamed ‘Star’. The device is rumoured to be the first iOS notebook or the first notebook with an ARM processor.

There isn’t much information about the device yet but it is known that the device sports a touch screen, a SIM card slot, GPS and a compass. The device is also water resistant and runs EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) which is the boot system used by Macs.

The device is currently in the prototyping stage and is being manufactured by Apple supplier Pegatron in China. At the moment, a small number of units have been shipped to Cupertino for testing by employers at the company.

Recently, a federal court jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $533 million for copying iPhone design features in a patent case dating back seven years. Jurors tacked on an additional $5 million in damages for a pair of patented functions. The award appeared to be a bit of a victory for Apple, which had argued in court that design was essential to the iPhone.

The case was sent back to the district court following a Supreme Court decision to revisit an earlier $400 million damage award. The jury essentially split the difference between Apple’s request for $1 billion and Samsung’s argument for $28 million. To arrive at a damages award of more than a half-billion dollars, jurors would likely have needed to buy into Apple’s reasoning that design was so integral to the iPhone that it was essentially the “article of manufacture.” The lower figure sought by the South Korean consumer electronics titan would have involved treating the design features as components.


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