This Wednesday, Apple announced that it has a new privacy website to help users better navigate their personal data the company has collected.

Unfortunately, because it’s a response to the GDPR compliance mandate, the site is currently only available to those in Europe.


Users in the EU now have the liberty to peruse all the data Apple has on them, thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act, which comes into effect on May 25. The law aims to govern how companies harvest user data, as well as give the consumers more control over what happens to it.

As far as the new website is concerned (link here), can see information about their Apple ID and device, as well as their activity across the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks, and Apple Music. There’s also information about every Apple care or service request you’ve made, your activity in the Games Center, your iCloud bookmarks and your calendar reminders. And that’s just the more obvious information.

Apple isn’t the first company to launch this kind of service, both Instagram and Facebook recently began allowing users to download their data and see everything they’ve posted and more. Apple is simply the most recent addition to the list of GDPR-compliant tech companies.


And while this tool isn’t yet available anywhere outside the EU, Apple hints that all the measures implemented under the new law will reach users across the globe soon. “We intend to provide these capabilities to customers around the world in the coming months,” the company wrote.

Apple has also created a Q&A form, describing how users can go about downloading all of their data. In addition, there’s also the option to permanently delete all your data, which is available globally starting today. It can take up to seven days for the request to be approved, and once you decide to permanently delete there’s no going back.


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