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Apple reportedly asked its suppliers to make 78mn iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Apple has ordered its suppliers to make 78mn iPhone 7 handsets by the end of this year.

According to a report, the company is prepping its suppliers to produce iPhone 7 smartphones between 72 to 78 million units. As noted in the report, this is one of the highest production targets the company has given to its suppliers since the launch of iPhone 6.

Further, the number also contradict analysts’ prospect of 65mn smartphones to be made by the suppliers by the end of this year. If the reports hold on then it seems the iPhone maker has high expectations from its next-generation smartphone.

Notably, when the company is, first time, facing decline in iPhone sales since launch. Smartphones launched by Apple last year, were not able to grab much attention of smartphone lovers because of the lack of some new and amazing features, which lead the company to face its first drop in iPhone sales.

Reportedly, to conjure up those loses the iPhone 7 will come with many exciting features, such as dual speakers, rear camera flush with the smartphone’s surface, dual camera and glass casing.

iPhone 7

Ming-Chi Kuo – Analyst at KGI Securities – has predicted that the iPhone 7 will perhaps not face decline in sales and there is no abundance of exciting features.  However, he predicts that the iPhone 7 sales will fall between 190 to 205mn units, which is relatively a smaller amount than Apple’s last year sales, i.e. 232 million.

Of late, it also came into notice that the upcoming smartphone will feature dual-lens camera and for that the company has contacted LG. Earlier, Sony was given the task to provide dual-lens camera modules, but reports revealed that due to lower-than-expected yield and because of damage to Sony’s production service from the April earthquake in Kumamoto, the company will not be able to deliver its full share of supply. This made Apple to ditch Sony and contact LG for bridging the gap of dual-lens camera modules.

The California-based tech magnate is expected to launch the upcoming devices (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) in September which may feature (OIS) Optical Image Stabilisation along with the dual-lens camera.

Moreover, the company will reportedly ditch the 3.5mm audio jack as well in its iPhone 7 lineup. The iPhone 7 is expected to boast 3GB of RAM and may use the lightning port for audio.

Reports said Foxconn will be the primary supplier of the iPhone 7 while Pegatron will also work as assembler.




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