Apple appears to be getting in on the original content game. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apple is developing a TV series starring Dr. Dre — who, of course, is a co-founder of the now Apple-owned Beats. Dre’s series is already said to have started filming. The show is reported to be a dark drama called Vital Signs, and there is known to be at least one orgy scene. It’s supposed to have six 30-minute episodes in total, with each taking a semi-autobiographical look at how Dre responds to different emotions. Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae are also reportedly in the cast.

Apple is likely to debut the series all at once — Netflix style — on Apple Music, according to the Reporter. This would be Apple’s first entry into the world of original TV series, so it’s not clear exactly how it would launch. Vital Signs doesn’t at all sound like the type of dad-friendly content you’d expect from Apple (e.g. a U2 album), but it’s easy to see why it might have chosen to start here. For one, it obviously has a close relationship with Dre, and it makes sense to leverage that. But we’re also coming off the huge success of Straight Outta Compton, which is essentially an origin story for Dre. There’s clearly interest in his stories. It sounds like Apple is hoping to tap into that, too.

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