Amazon’s robotics group submitted an FCC filing earlier this week that contains images of a device that could potentially be used to enhance the safety of its warehouse robots.

The filing shows a weird-looking device that appears to have a built-in Ethernet connection and which Amazon describes as a “low power communication device transmitter” that operates below the 1GHz frequency. Just by the looks of it, you would think it’s some kind of a wireless router that transmits data through its warehouse or data center.

The filing calls it a “Drive Unit Slow Radio” designed for use in the “Atlas S drive unit” product line.

While it’s not entirely clear what these devices are meant for, and Amazon clearly states in the filing that it’s not intended to be sold to the “general end users” directly, the filing could hint at Amazon’s continuing to ramp up its effort to create a safer warehouse environment by using more unmanned bots.

It’s possible that the product is related to the “proximity sensing system” mentioned in an earlier filing spotted in November. The filing in November showed Amazon was working on a new system that would make it safer to operate its warehouse robots that pick up and move products within the warehouse.


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