Get ready for a slew of changes coming to your PC very soon, as Microsoft prepares to roll out its latest Windows 10 update.

The Spring Creators update is due to land any time soon, so don’t be caught out by some of these important changes and useful information you need to know about.

1. The Spring Creators update should install much faster

One of the annoying things about updating your PC is how long it takes to download and install it. Sometimes you’re stuck without access to a computer for hours as the update works away, but the Spring Creators update should hopefully load a bit faster than previous updates.

According to Microsoft’s Head of Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar, they’ve managed to reduce the “offline time” to an average of 30 minutes.

2. You may be forced to use Microsoft Edge a little more

Last month Microsoft informed its Windows 10 testers that links clicked on within the Windows Mail app will open in Microsoft Edge by default as part of a trial.

While Microsoft Edge is a good browser, it’s not to everyone’s taste and may come as a nuisance to those used to Google Chrome or Firefox.

The company is looking for feedback from testers, so they may decide not to go for it, but be prepared just in case.

3. Blocking web searches in Cortana could be removed

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Cortana, the Microsoft digital assistant, is supposed to be a helpful tool but some people prefer to switch the web search element off. That may be a thing of the past…

According to testers of Windows 10 Spring Update, the ability to disable web searches in Cortana seems to be broken. It’s not clear whether this is intentional or accidental, but we’ll know for sure once the update rolls out.

4. Windows 10 S will be available as ‘S Mode’

Last year Microsoft launched Windows 10 S, a lighter version of Windows 10 which only permitted downloads from the Microsoft Store in a bid to speed up your PC’s loading time and reduce the risk of viruses.

Windows 10 S debuted as a standalone operating system but now it will become a mode within all editions of Windows 10. This feature could be particularly useful if you want to limit where your children can download and install apps from, so look out for it in the Windows 10 Spring Creators update.

5. Noticeable changes to the design

A new design is coming to Windows 10, known as Fluent Design. It’s Microsoft’s way of making everything look a bit more consistent.

Fluent Design is already present on some parts of Windows 10, but the look – which includes blurred transparent panels – will roll out onto more apps and areas of the operating system.

6. The Spring Creators Update might be available sooner than you think

As the season in the name already suggests, the Spring Creators Update is imminent.

Rumors suggest that it could be as soon as April 10 – but you won’t have to do anything. It’ll come to you automatically via the Windows Update.


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