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10 Best Projector Screens for Indoor & Outdoor Screenings

Watching soccer on a large projector screen in the comfort of your home can be a delightful and rejuvenating experience. Buying a projector can be easy but projector screens come with many variants and specifications. I am writing this elaborate buying guide to help you pick the best projector screen. So, here are the technical features to look for in the projection-screen for those exciting soccer memories to cherish forever.


Watching soccer on a large projector screen in the comfort of your home can be a delightful and rejuvenating experience. Buying a projector can be easy but projector screens come with many variants and specifications. I am writing this elaborate buying guide to help you pick the best projector screen. So, here are the technical features to look for in the projection-screen for those exciting soccer memories to cherish forever.

Since it is a one-time purchase, you have to be very careful and clear about your requirements and the usage. For example, if you want a screen for on-the-go presentations or events, you need a portable one and for a home theater or a large auditorium, you must go for a fixed screen. Apart from this, you might need different projector screens for both indoor and outdoor projections. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into this short yet informative guide along with a list of 10 best projector screens you can buy this year.

Features to look for in a Projector Screen

Types of screens

We can categorize the screens on various grounds and the main criteria to do so is the mounting type and the way it retracts. So depending on the application, if you need a fixed screen you can go for a ceiling or wall mounted fittings. And for a handy solution, you can go for portable screens that include table-top, a tripod or a foldable one.

Retraction is one of the important features of the projector screen. You have the option to pick either the manual closing and retracting or go for an electric retraction which withdraws the screen back to the base with a click of a button. Remember the motorized screens are costlier than the ones that you pull down by using a handle manually.

Screen Fabric

While White and Matte-White screens are the industry standard, the other fabric in the offering is the Grey screen that is known to produce high contrast ratio thus generating better color output. Apart from these basic screen fabrics, the latest options are parallaxCineGray 3D, CineGray 5D fabrics that are better in dealing with the ambient light. These 3D fabric screens are best for outdoor screens and produce optimum picture quality even in sunlight.

Screen Gain

The gain of the screen is directly related to the brightness of the screen. A gain of 1.0 means the screen reflects back all the light it receives. And a gain higher than 1.0 means more light is reflected than it receives thus producing more brightness. Similarly, a gain less than one means the screen produces less brightness.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle is the optimum angle at which a viewer is able to see the best picture quality. The screens with high gain have optimum viewing angles perpendicular to the screen. So before picking the best screen for the projector, you need to check its viewing angle, whether it has a narrow or a wide viewing angle.

Sound transparency

If you are creating a home theater and intending to place the speakers just behind the screen, then you need a screen with perforations for sound to pass through it.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio basically defines the length of the screen in proportion to the breadth of the screen. The latest and the most popular screen size is the 16:9 aspect ratio and is also known as HDTV format screen. It can handle the projector resolutions that includes 4K UHD, FHD(1080p) and HD (720p). The other screen sizes include widescreen with 16:10 aspect ratio, video format screen with aspect ratio of 4:3, cinema format with 2.35:1 and square screens with 1:1 aspect ratio for overhead projections.

Reviews of Top 10 Projector Screens

Anti-crease 120 Inches projector Screen by JDDZ

projector screen showing footbal

This one is easily the best budget screen for projecting the media at both indoors and outdoors.

There are no surprises when you view its features and specs. Made from superior polyester fabric, it is not only a lightweight screen but also folds easily to a small pack best suited for multi-location screening. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, the screen is HD ready and supports 4k and 1080p resolution that is a notable feature of the screen that comes in this reasonable price range.

This is a multi-purpose screen which you can use for classrooms, conference-halls, outdoor lawns or picnics, or at a home theatre since it can be used for both rear and front projection. Furthermore, the screen comes with a gain of 1.3 that makes it brighter and you get a clear view up to 160 degrees.

The projector screen has already garnered high star ratings and it highly recommended budget screen.

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Elite 120 Inches Screen

image showing front-view of yardmaster-projection-screen

Elite projector screen. Do I need to say more? Elite, an ISO 9001 company has been manufacturing projector screens since 2004. If you want to project 4k ultra and 3D movies, this screen has to be in your kit. This HDR ready screen is fold-able and comes with detachable stand, carrying bag and support rings.

The screen is lightweight and needs to be mounted on an aluminum frame which can be done easily without any specialized support. The screen assembly is fully tensioned for smooth viewing and comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is a Yard Master 2 series screen and you can find it various sizes starting from 100 inches to 180 inches. You also get the option to select from either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

Talking about the screen cloth type, it is a Cinewhite with 1.1 gain and offers 160 degree viewing angle on front and rear projection. If you are looking for a versatile and a long lasting all-weather screen, this is it.

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Carl’s Blackout Cloth Projector Screen

screen cloth black-border

If you are looking for some positive compliments from the audience for your presentations, go for this budget friendly blackout screen cloth. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor screening, the cloth comes with the white matte finish and a gain of 1.0. The screen offers vibrant colors and large viewing angles when stretched perfectly like a drum.

The size of the cloth is 165 inches diagonally and has finished edges and grommets for DIY mounting. The screen cloth is strong and durable and moreover, it does not allow the light to pass through which further enhances the viewing experience. It has already got excellent reviews and ratings from its satisfied customers.

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VIVO 100″ Projector Screen

image of white-projector-screen

Vivo has been selling office equipment since 2002 and projector screen is one of their premium products, they sell online. This screen has a wide-viewing format of 16:9 and the diagonal length is 100 inches. With gain of 1.1, it provides viewing angles of 120 degrees. You get clear and crisp pictures since there is no light penetration due to black backing and high quality multi-layer matte finish.

This is a manual pull down model with built-in L bracket to easily mount it on ceiling as well as walls. The screen is a perfect solution for enterprise board rooms, school classrooms and home theaters. You can have a customized length vertically and when you pull it down, you can fix at your desired position without any hassles.

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Homegear 16:9 motorized Projector Screen

image of projector-screen showing landscape

This is a pull-down screen which is equipped with a motor and you can operate it with a remote swiftly and silently. Perfect for home and commercial use, this projector screen comes with a one inch’s black border for high contrast, 1.3 gain to optimize sunlight, black back for elimination of light-passing, provides 160 degrees viewing angle and is fire-retardant.

This is a CE certified product and is energy-efficient too. Apart from high gain, the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 for widescreen viewing. You can install the RF receiver on the wall and use the remote from a maximum of 25 meters. Furthermore, the screen is washable and you can simply wash it with soap and water. It has a stainless steel casing for enhanced durability and is highly recommended projector screen.

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6 Celexon Tripod Projector Screen

screen with a tripod stand

This is a best projector screen for mobile or mini projectors for on-the-go screenings. If you look at the premium features of the screen it is a real value for money product. It comes with a sturdy handle with expandable tripod legs. You can adjust the height of the screen and get the aspect ratios of 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1 as per your requirement.

The screen has black backing to counter the light from passing through screen and black border further enhances its contrast. The color of the screen cloth is white and the quality of the fabric is decent. To keep the overall weight of the screen light, most of the parts are made of plastic so you have to be careful while handling it. Although this is a 110 inches screen, Celexon manufactures screens of various sizes ranging from 71” to 136”.

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TaoTronics Projector Screen with Stand

pull-down-screen's image

Whether you want a professional presentation at your office or intend to project your wedding on a large screen, this is one of the best screens compatible with all DLP or LCD projectors. Talking about its features, the screen has a gain of 1.1 and offers a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, white PVC matte finish which is wrinkle free and does not get yellow with time unlike the projector screens of other brands. The screen is easy to install without needing any screws to fix it. The tripod stand is stable and compact enough to carry it in a bag (carry bag is included in the box) for outdoor screenings.

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8 Best Choice Products Projector Projection Screen

screenshot of new projector screen

This is a 119 inches’ manual pull down screen. As the brand name says, it is definitely a best choice screen if you are looking for outdoor as well as indoor projector applications. It is good for conference halls, auditoriums, classrooms, weddings, or picnics. It comes with a gain of 1.1 that allows you to see clear media even in brighter environments.

The white matte screen is dust-proof and anti-static and furthermore it has a black backing to resist light infiltration and a black border for dynamic images. And now talking about the construction part the screen is house in a robust casing that comes with brackets for ceiling and wall mounting. Moreover, the self-locking mechanism will fix the height of the screen at a level up to which you have pulled it.

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9 VonHaus Indoor Projector Screen

vonhous screen showing sports

VonHaus is another known brand when it comes to projector screens. The screen is meant for indoor projection and is compatible ton use with HDTV. The users find this screen best for gaming, movies and business presentations. The screen offers 16:9 cinematic format, best for home theaters. The white matte screen is perfectly edged with black borders for better contrast ratio. This is an 80 inches’ manual pull down screen and can be hanged from ceiling or a wall. The self-locking screen has a layer of black lining at its back for negating any effect of back light. The VonHaus screen comes with 1.1 gain rating for better visual experience even in brighter areas.

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10 JaeilPLM Projector Screen


You may call it a 2-in-1 screen since you can either hang it on the wall or use it on a stand. For hanging you need only a single nail unlike other screens which come with multiple brackets. The stand is in triangular shape that provides more stability in case of strong breeze outside. The 4k ready screen is made of white PVC with matte finish and is wrinkle free for smooth viewing. The viewing angle is 160 degrees and to improve the user experience, the screen is coated black at the back side to prevent the screen from shining. The technical specifications include aspect ratio of 16:9 and gain of 1.1. The screen comes with a carry bag that helps you to carry it for picnics or any other outdoor event.

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Here we come to the end of our shortlisted top projector screens available online for home and office use. Whether you need a projector screen for your home theater or an outdoor event or an office presentation, any one of the aforementioned screens would definitely aid you in all your screenings needs. Let us know if we have missed out on a premium quality projector screen that you think should be in the above list. Do share your views in the comments section.


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