lg g5

LG has released LG G5 a whole bunch of 360-degree spherical wallpapers for you to enjoy on your brand new G5 smartphones. “Spherical wallpapers?” you exclaim in confusion, with a firm belief in your head that walls do generally tend to be flat.

Well, these are meant for your phone and your phone can be oriented in any arbitrary direction plus it has a gyroscope. Depending on its orientation you’d be served the respective portion of the spherical image and it will keep panning around as you move.
At this point there are 12 such wallpapers available, shot at exotic locations throughout the world by pro photographers. 4 new ones will be added each month until November. You can download them for free from the LG SmartWorld app.

We can see how it may be distracting in day to day use, more so than the parallax effect some makers apply. It’s still pretty cool, though, and gives you an idea for another use of that 360CAM you got with the G5.


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